Wienerschnitzel tasked us to change the perception of the hot dog. Through six months of research and nearly a thousand data points, we found that the hot dog's most damaging stereotype was being "basic." 


Reposition "basic" as positive and dependable, leading people to reconsider their opinions of the hot dog and increase consumption outside of specific "hot-dog appropriate" occasions.


All you've ever needed is the hot dog and the bun for an ever-tasty, always-consistent quality classic. While everything else is updating, renovating or modernizing, the hot dog hasn't had to because it got it right from the start.

The Simply Timeless Hot Dog

Long copy shows that you have something important to say, whether people read it or not. By highlighting the "basic" things our audience does and through a witty narrative, we'll begin to alter the current perception of the hot dog in an eye-catching and thought-provoking way. 

We don’t want people to just see timeless moments; we want them to experience them. In the summer, we'll deploy three food trucks as an interactive, eye-catching spin on the traditional timeless hot dog cart.

evaluation & analytics 

To evaluate the success of the “Simply Timeless” campaign, we recommend using primary research (questionnaires, focus groups and coupon redemptions) and secondary research (Keyhole Analysis, Wienerschnitzel sales data, and Statistica frankfurter sales data) analysis throughout the campaign.

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