overwatch league branding concepts

When Blizzard announced that 8 new international teams would be joining season 2 of the Overwatch esports scene I was inspired to come up with their branding, mostly because I was too excited to wait until the teams announced their official branding months later. Only the list of cities had been announced, so I came up with names, colors, and logos for the new Paris and Vancouver teams. Was I also keeping up with my coursework during this time? Absolutely not. However, I learned a surprising amount from my experimenting, I had a ton of fun doing it, and my work even caught the attention of some people in the video game industry.

standing out and fitting in

The Overwatch League has an overarching visual language that extends to all the teams in the League, so I was careful to make sure that the new logos fit in with the already existing logos. Figuring out how to design for each brand application involved studying the existing brands and figuring out rules and logic that they followed for each situation. 

vancouver splendour

The logo and name of Vancouver Splendour (the British spelling, of course) was inspired by the water running all around and through the city, snaking through the tall, modern buildings and lush green parks to create a striking and beautiful combination. The flower is based on the Pacific Dogwood, the official flower of British Columbia.

paris esprit

The Paris Esprit name came quickly, as I wanted to capture the revolutionary spirit of France. The logo...not so much. I spent days trying to create a graphic logo that made sense and wasn't stupid, but I got nowhere. Finally, I threw my hands up and said "FINE, I'll just make a vapid and meaningless wordmark logo." Imagine my surprise when I typed out the word and the French Tricolour appeared! I was thrilled!


After I posted the original designs on Twitter and Reddit, I got a lot of positive feedback. I also got some people who were unsure of my color choices for Vancouver. Some were concerned that the brand wasn't "esports" enough for the Overwatch League. Months later, the official branding for Vancouver was released. Their colors? Blue and green. Maybe I had been onto something after all.

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