virtual realty

My long time friend, a 3D-modeler, came to me for help creating a brand around bringing 3D applications to new markets, specifically modeling virtual model homes for real estate companies to show to potential buyers. I wanted to design a brand that would fit into whatever industry he wanted to get involved in, from real estate to game development. 

monoware studios

My friend was inspired by the Japanese phrase mono no aware, which translates roughly into "the appreciation for impermanent things". He felt like this captured the essence of being a 3D artist, creating objects and environments that felt real but existed only as vectors and polygons. I suggested the name Monoware, which was a shortened version of the phrase and sounded like a software or tech company. He settled on Monoware Studios, and told me his vision for the brand: a sakura tree in a highly graphic, masculine style resembling a sports or video game logo.

Here is an MS Paint sketch my friend did of the logo he was thinking of, alongside references of logos he wanted to emulate:

With this input, as well as my own research, I came up with countless variations that boiled down into 3 categories: Professional, sporty, and a combination of the two.

It was clear to me which logo was the best one. Unfortunately, my friend and I did not have the same favorite designs. I set out to try to show him how my favorite logo, #2, was the most appropriate logo for his company.

I used a persona, Karen,  to show my friend how a logo like Riot's might not be attractive to people in real estate who would want to use his services to show VR model homes to clients. People trust what they are familiar with, and the sporty logos like the ones he liked didn't speak the same visual language that people like Karen already relate to.

Alternatively, this Monoware Studios logo (#2, my top pick) is exciting and stands out while still being in line with Karen's personal tastes. She can trust this brand to be professional and make a good impression on her clients.

Still not entirely convinced, he suggested we make a Google Forms poll to get other's opinions. The poll asked for respondents to pick their first, second, and third choices for the best logo. The poll did not tell people what the logo was for, since we wanted the company to be able to move easily between whatever industries interested him. I was very happy that the results of the poll decisively validated my own opinion that logo #2 was the most attractive. After seeing the results of the poll, my friend agreed to move forward with logo #2!

finally moving on

Now that we had a logo, I could get to work on delivering a style guide and creating brand assets for use on social media and letterhead. Overall, this was a very fun challenge and I am very pleased with the results!

The Monoware logo can be displayed on both light and dark backgrounds with no alterations. The logo should always be shown in full color.

Use MW Pink sparingly, either as an accent color or as a CTA color on web. Use MW Black instead of default black wherever possible. For MW Black, the print color is slightly different from the screen color.

Using Format