I was tasked with choosing an already existing company and improving their brand. I chose Core Running Company, a local athletic shoe store in San Marcos. Even though they mainly sell athletic shoes, they specialize in helping people who aren't even athletes and who have foot pain find shoes that improve their foot health. I went there my freshman year after I started having intense foot pain and they fit me with shoes that helped immensely, so I was highly motivated to give them a brand that honored all the important work they do for the people of Central Texas, athletes and otherwise.

current logo

Their logo emphasizes "running" despite being known as a company that helps people from all lifestyles, not just runners and athletes. In my research, I found that most people referred to them simply as CORE anyway, so I decided to lean into that in order to instead emphasize their values of core health and comfort. I chose to keep their colors, since the green and orange already conveyed wellness and energy. 


CORE is committed to helping each person find the right shoe for them, no matter what their footwear needs are. 


CORE is the only shoe store in San Marcos that specializes in footwear that meets the specific needs of each person, whether they need the shoes for serious running, everyday wear, or to relieve discomfort.


A good pair of high-quality shoes can make a huge difference in performance and foot health and will last you for many years. 


San Marcos already trusts the staff at CORE with all their footwear needs, but with a strong brand CORE can become the gold standard for personalized athletic shoe consultations.

colors and motif

the colors are CORE Green, CORE Lime, and CORE Orange. As stated before, they represent wellness and energy. The gradient motif is used to add a movement and visual interest to the brand.



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