Circuit is a new tea that offers a healthy and delicious alternative to coffee and energy drinks and is the only tea marketed towards people who might typically go for a sugary drink when they need a boost. Whether they are a student cramming for an exam, a young tech intern trying to meet a deadline, or a gamer who wants to stay sharp during a late night of playing with friends, Circuit can provide them all with the caffeine boost they need. Made with naturally caffeinated leaves and no added sugars, Circuit won’t make you jittery and wired while still providing the support you need to keep moving forward. Whatever the task, Circuit tea can get you through it.

Circuit is unlike any other brand in the caffeinated drink market, and often looks more like a tech company than a tea company. We want our consumers to feel like we understand their style and we aim to give them a drink that speaks to their passions and values. The tea is marketed much like a gaming peripheral such as a cool mouse or fancy headset, and this is intentional. People who are interested and excited by tech and identify with being technologically savvy relate to the Circuit brand and energy. This brand is for those people who want the health benefits of a tea with no added sugar but don’t relate to other tea companies. 

We are committed to providing a healthy, effective caffeine source to those who rely on caffeine in their daily lives, promoting a healthier lifestyle by combining convenience with relatability. 

Tea is an effective source of caffeine without any of the adverse side effects associated with coffee or sugary energy drinks. Circuit Tea encourages people to make healthier drink choices through their unique branding and marketing. 

Circuit is the only tea that targets people in the tech industry or people who prefer more masculine or “cool” products. We build trust with our consumers by helping them reach their health goals and caffeine needs while also being true to themselves and their values. 

We will market to potential customers beginning in the tea aisle where people who are already tea-drinkers will be introduced to the brand. Including Circuit Tea in tech bundles and promotionals will strengthen the association between Circuit Tea and our target demographic. Over time, we hope to get more people drinking tea instead of other forms of caffeine. 

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